Working at HQ

[COVID Update: While we are working remotely, everyone who was formerly based in HQ will be following our standard remote work processes and policies.]

We are a company that embraces distributed working culture, but we also recognize the value of people working collaboratively in the same physical space.

Scheduled Work From Home

We do understand, however, that sometimes more work gets done at home, or sometimes life makes it more practical and efficient for you to stay at home than to come into the office. In these instances, HQ folks have the flexibility to work from home (WFH). Such remote work is intened for employee convenience and is not required for employees who have workspaces at HQ.

These WFH days should be cleared by your manager at least one day before. Once cleared, share your absence in #nyc and update your office calendar to reflect that you’ll be working from home. In the rare scenarios you need to work from home last minute or for a portion of the day, alert your manager and post your absence in #nyc and in your office calendar.

If you will be working out of the office for an extended period of time (and your absence from HQ has been cleared by your manager), please make sure to note your absence in our human resources software under the designation “WR” (working remotely). This designation is only available for HQ employees.

In order to work from home as an HQ employee, you’ll need to have the same infrastructure, and conform to the same practice, as our remote team. You need:

  • A consistent work space for your home office where you can work quietly and uninterrupted
  • A reliable internet connection (you should be able to easily participate in a video call wherever you’re working)
  • To make sure that your domestic responsibilities occur outside your working hours
  • To let your coworkers know that you are online by updating your Slack status and regularly participate in online communications

Obviously, not all roles at HQ are the same, and depending on the project or scheduling, it may not be feasible for an HQ employee to utilize WFH days. Ultimately, the decision on whether and how you use a WFH day rests with your manager, and any necessary alterations to the above WFH requirements should be cleared with them.


Lunch will be provided everyday at approximately noon. We use a catering company to provide free lunch to all HQ employees. If you have any dietary restrictions or food preferences, please let the Office Administrator know.

If you'd like to bring a guest for lunch - great! Just let the Office Administrator know by adding an event to the "Office Guests" calendar, and include any allergies or preferences.


One of our values is “Make a welcoming workplace.” One way we do this is by caring for the space we’re in. By each of us chipping in a little of our time during the week towards chores, we keep the office a productive place to work and an amazing place to visit. Go here for a full explanation of our commitment to making our workplace welcoming.


If you require any equipment, special snacks, or office supplies, please create a card here. Instructions on how to make your request can be found there!