Learning and Development

Continuous learning and professional development are incredibly important at Glitch. To this end, we encourage you to attend events or training that helps you be better at what you do.


  • Glitch employees have $3500 and three (3) conference/education days at their disposal each year. This may be used to cover travel, lodging, fees, and materials for the conference. Speak with your manager prior to booking to get approval for your conference. Refer to our Travel Policy for more details.

  • You're strongly encouraged to share knowledge with your coworkers, either by giving a talk or sharing a writeup.

  • Everyone arranges their own travel, hotel, and conference arrangements and will get reimbursed through our reimbursement software, so keep and submit your receipts. Before booking anything, make sure you have received approval from your manager in order to attend the conference. Expenses should be submitted within 30 days of incurring the expense!

How to attend a conference

Once you have requested and received approval for the conference or other event from your manager, please do the following:

  • Share details of the conference in the #conferences Slack channel.

  • Add your name to the card and a note about the reason for your attendance. Glitch teammates attend events for various reasons, such as:

    • Personal Learning / Professional Development - this is likely the default reason why you would be attending a conference or class.

    • Business/Partnership - if you're attending something to represent Glitch for a business opportunity, partnership, to get users, etc. This is only for events you have specifically been asked or designated to attend on Glitch's behalf. This requires specific approval from your manager.

    • Speaking engagement - If you have been asked to attend an event as a presenter. Please let your manager know in advance so we can decide if this should be a case to use your own professional development resources or if you will be attending in an official Glitch capacity.

  • Mark the days you will be absent in our human resources software as “Conference Days.”

Speaking at Conferences

We encourage people to speak at conferences. If you have questions as to what's appropriate to disclose about the company to a public audience, please discuss it with your manager.

Conference Travel Expenses

Glitch will handle all expenses that are not covered by the hosting conference, subject to the rules above and the Glitch Travel Policy.

Conference Time Off

If you're invited and approved to speak at a conference, the day that you speak is not counted against your three (3) conference days. If the engagement requires traveling a long distance, please discuss it with management before you apply to speak to make sure this opportunity is worth the time dedicated to it.

Tuition Reimbursement For Outside Learning

If you're interested in voluntarily taking a course which will further professional skills directly related to your work, discuss with your manager. If approved, the cost of the course, registration fees, books, and course materials (collectively) may be reimbursed up to $5,000.