Travel and Moving Policy

Traveling for Glitch

When we ask you to travel for the company, we book your accommodations for you. When you travel for a conference, you'll submit your expenses through our reimbursement software for reimbursement.

Travel Logistics


  • Employees should notify us as soon as possible so that travel arrangements can be made.
  • Flights longer than five (5) hours will be booked at the next level of service above coach class.
  • Any discounted flight options available through the company's loyalty miles will be considered.
  • Employee airline preferences will be considered, and employees are entitled to any airline loyalty points awarded.
  • We maintain our own group travel insurance, the details of which are available through the Director of Finance. Flight insurance should be declined on flights less than $1000.


  • All employees are guaranteed their own private hotel room.
  • Employee hotel preferences will be considered, and employees are entitled to any hotel loyalty points awarded.
  • A personal credit card may be required at check-in for incidentals.

Rental Cars

  • If the destination requires it, a midsize car can be booked. New York City, London, and other mass-transit-friendly cities do not require a rental car.
  • Employee rental car company preferences will be considered, and employees are entitled to any car rental loyalty points awarded.
  • Glitch maintains its own loss, theft, and auto insurance policies. Contact the Director of Finance for further details.
  • At the rental counter, turn down all insurance policies (see above). However, do pre-pay for gas.
  • GPS systems and toll fees are reimbursable.
  • If a booking is made or changed without manager approval, the employee will be responsible for the resulting difference in cost.
  • In case of an accident, first contact 911, then Glitch’s group insurance provider, and lastly Glitch management.


  • Be reasonable. You don’t need to eat fast food, but $100 steak dinner is probably overkill. Eat where you would eat if you were spending your own money.
  • Tips shouldn’t exceed 20% of the total bill and should be appropriate to the location, service level, and local protocol.

Flexible Stay

  • Employees wanting to fly earlier/later than required for personal time in the destination may do so.
  • Employees must use vacation days to account for these additional days of travel.
  • If this flexibility results in flights that cost more, the company will cover the difference up to $100. Any additional cost will be paid by the employee.
  • If this flexibility results in additional lodging and meal costs, the difference will be paid by the employee.

Travel Documentation

  • Employees traveling internationally must check that their passport has three (3) month validity and three (3) blank visa pages, the costs of which (certified copies of Naturalization Certificate, application fees, etc.) are fully reimbursable.
  • Employees traveling domestically must check that their government-issued photo I.D. meets current requirements, the costs of which are not reimbursable.
  • Employees must obtain a business visa when traveling internationally for Glitch, the costs of which (certified copies of birth certificates, application fees, etc.) are fully reimbursable.
  • Employees may not use a tourist visa when traveling for Glitch.
  • Photocopies of the employee’s passport and business visa should be left with Glitch management.
  • Please retain receipts to document expenses.

Medical Care

  • Travel immunizations are covered services for employees enrolled in Glitch’s medical plan. If there are any complications, travel immunizations are fully reimbursable and should be submitted through an expense report. See your health insurance documents for full details on our plan.
  • If you are not enrolled in the Glitch medical plan, contact your medical care insurance provider and find out what type of travel insurance coverage is available to you.

Travel Expenses and Reimbursements

The following travel expenses are reimbursable:

  • Flights
  • Train - business class
  • Lodging
  • Rental car / Public transit costs
  • Meals (excluding alcohol)
  • Tolls
  • Taxis
  • Baggage fees
  • Laundry and dry cleaning when a trip is longer than four (4) consecutive nights
  • Internet connectivity in hotel, airplanes, and other public places
  • ATM fees when withdrawing money on your personal card for business related expenses
  • Mileage on personal cars reimbursed at the IRS business mileage rate
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) related expenses, i.e. Skype minutes
  • SIM cards or international plan extension for personal phone, up to $50

The following are NOT reimbursable:

  • Expenses submitted without a receipt or explanation for its absence
  • Expenses NOT submitted within 30 days of their acquisition
  • Lost luggage and contents. Employees should work with the airline and their credit card insurance carrier to recover damages.
  • Health club/spa services (Ex: massages, manicures, fees incurred to access hotel fitness center)
  • Hotel incidentals (Ex: room damage, pay-per-view, minibar, etc.)
  • Personal travel expenses (Ex: sundries or recreational reading)
  • Parking citations, speeding tickets, and other law-enforcement penalties
  • Expenses incurred by friends and family of the employee
  • Phone charges due to failure to plan for international travel. Charges that are part of planning will be covered.

Best Practices When Traveling for Glitch

  • Book early
  • Group outings need prior approval
  • Submit expenses no more than 30 days after purchase/expense - keep your receipts!
  • Keep emergency contact/health insurance information nearby
  • Ensure your cellphone is set for international travel ahead of time
  • Remember The Golden Rule - Treat the company’s money as if it were your own

Moving Policy

So you moved. How exciting! Make sure you update your address in our human resources software, with all your health insurance providers (including vision and dental), with your financial services providers, and with the Director of Finance.