Company Values

These values are designed to capture the beliefs that define our work at Glitch, as well as to be a reference when making decisions. Our values should be a daily tool for doing our work and defining our goals. Many of our values support the idea that “we don’t work alone”, emphasizing collaboration, communication, and responsibility.

Make great technology that’s valuable to everyone who uses technology to express themselves and enables others to work together and make great technology themselves. Create our products such that the process of creation is as meaningful as the results. Be proud of our history of accomplishments, but don’t be complacent or rest on our laurels. Push to ensure that our most innovative and valuable work is ahead of us.

Communicate clearly, continuously, honestly, and respectfully both within our company and to our customers and community. Share our best work as an example for others to learn from, and share our mistakes or shortcomings to encourage accountability. Make sure what we say matches what we do. Don’t hide bad news, and don’t neglect to share good news. Anticipate areas of concern and address them head-on.

Narrate our work, documenting process, decisions, and progress along the way. Talk about why we make our choices, not just what choices we make. Describe the hypotheses being tested by our work, and report on our results compared to expectations. Proactively take responsibility for flaws or weaknesses in our work, and assign specific accountability for addressing them. Make sure our key internal processes are documented, and that our practice follows that documentation.

Solicit feedback and suggestions as early as possible and as frequently as possible, to ensure that what we do and what we make fits the expectations and needs of our colleagues, our customers, and the community of people who learn from our work. Build processes that make feedback as easy and useful as possible. Give each other feedback that is challenging, constructive, supportive, and honest.

Put people first in all we do, from our policies within our company, to defining our role in the communities and industries where we participate, to where we invest our resources. Practice and promote taking care of our well-being, and support each of us living full, healthy lives. Nurture the talent of colleagues, both with resources and by structuring our work to enable personal and professional development. Enable everyone to regularly have significant impact.

Make a welcoming workplace by being kind and caring to one another. Build habits that enable everyone to do their best work without regard to location, context, or background. Enthusiastically support every role in our organization equally. Explicitly encourage an inclusive, diverse culture and do the work to make our company more welcoming and supportive of more kinds of people. Regularly and explicitly show our gratitude to our colleagues, customers, and community.

Explicitly define success for our products, our company, and our individual professional goals. Ensure that we’re tracking our progress against these clearly defined goals, and make certain that success is defined in human and social terms, not just economic or financial ones. Make sure everyone on our team knows how their accomplishments contribute to company success.

Be a role model that our entire industry can look to for ethical, humane, and responsible behavior, and go far beyond the basics of what’s simply required to do the job. Challenge ourselves to exceed what any other organization is doing to be thoughtful with technology. Watch what’s happening outside our walls and see how we can help make things better. Do work that we’ll be proud of over the long term.

Invest resources wisely, allocating money and materials as if they were our own, and make sure our investments support the principles we espouse. Focus on where we can create uniquely valuable products and services, rather than trying to do everything ourselves, and build on the work of others whenever we can. Check that our company’s growth is based on thoughtfully providing more value directly to our own customers and community. Strive to build a business that is sustainable, resilient, and independent, not optimizing for short-term results. Pursue business models which allow us to uphold these values far into the future.