Diversity and Inclusion

Like our company values, these diversity and inclusion goals are designed to capture the beliefs that define our work at Glitch, as well as to be a reference when making decisions. We aim to foster an environment where underrepresented groups in the tech industry are heard, appreciated, respected, and afforded real opportunities for career advancement.

Beyond Inclusion

Our industry has learned the right words to say about diversity and inclusion, but very few companies are actually doing the necessary work to make these dual goals happen. We want to do our part to create systemic change and provide not only a welcoming work environment, but also meaningful career advancement opportunity for every employee. At Glitch, we are committed to doing better, and we've had both the broad base of training for our staff, but also the hard conversations that result from facing where we've fallen short.

We have not always met our own standards for diversity and inclusion. But we have always run our business on a set of humanist principles, and we're committed reducing the culture debt accrued while we were a relatively homogenous company. When you see areas where we need to improve, you are strongly encouraged to raise them.

Inclusion Goals

Provide fair and equitable compensation, advancement, and opportunity to every member of our team. Utilize metrics to hold ourselves accountable to these goals.

Foster an environment in which open, honest discussion about structural problems and systemic barriers can be had, and ideas can be discussed and developed about how we can dismantle them.

Move quickly and decisively to address situations that prevent or impede our inclusion goals.

Use our committment to inclusion to build better products that serve all groups. By having a diverse and inclusive staff, we can build better products that cater to a wider demographic. Thus, by treating our people better, we treat our customers better, and we as a company are better, ensuring long-term success. Everyone wins!

Be at least proportionally representative to the overall population of the communities we serve, and aim to include more members of groups whom our industry (and our company) have historically excluded.

What We Expect From You

Respect your co-workers.

Listen to and hear your co-workers.

Recognize that you always have something to learn about another human being and how they navigate the world.