Performance Evaluation and Management

We value our people and are invested in your success. This means that, on an individual level, we provide regular feedback, both formal and informal, within teams and with managers. By engaging in open dialogue about work responsibilities, expectations, and performance, we will more quickly attain our goals as a company and develop the potential in our people.

Performance Reviews

Glitch conducts company-wide performance reviews once a year. In addition, managers are encouraged to informally discuss professional development, provide ongoing performance feedback between formal reviews, and discuss any concerns or questions that arise immediately.

Performance Improvement Plans

We encourage our managers to give feedback frequently, as many performance issues can be improved through regular feedback. But on occasion, performance issues may need to be escalated. In those cases, an employee may be put on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

The purpose of a PIP is to provide an understanding between employee and manager of concrete expectations for performance, clear benchmarks for determining if those expectations are met, and a timeline to demonstrate improvement. PIPs are worked on by both the manager and the employee, with review by the leadership team and Operations. At the end of a PIP, the employee and their manager meet to discuss the outcome and what the next steps will be.

Before an employee is placed on a PIP, the manager must discuss the potential need with the Operations Team.

Please know that you are not entitled to a PIP, and your manager and Operations solely determine when a PIP will be useful.

Nothing in any Performance Improvement Plan alters the at-will nature of your employment with us.