Expense Reimbursement

Submit, track, and receive reimbursement for company approved expenses through our reimbursement software, Abacus. Below are some helpful suggestions when submitting your expenses for reimbursement:

  • Save your receipts!
  • When submitting expenses you must choose a category and add a note. Please be descriptive in your notes. For example, if you are submitting an expense for a conference, please list the conference name.
  • You can add in multiple receipts/pdfs for a single expense by first submitting one and then going into that receipt and clicking the add receipt link.
  • You can view bank transfer history (to see what expense reports went into which payment) or change your notification frequency by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Make sure every receipt is completely legible, otherwise you'll be asked to resubmit it. Don’t throw the receipt away until you are 100% sure it has been approved.

(Note: A picture of a credit card charge is not acceptable. Please provide the original receipt. Also, you can use the web app or Android or iPhone apps to submit expenses.)

When submitting reimbursement for a business meal, please be sure to attach both the credit card receipt and the receipt the restaurant gives you which shows what was ordered. Be sure to also note how many people were present on the receipt or in the comment on the expense report.