Additional Perks

Gym & Wellness

Glitch reimburses up to $150 a month (taxes not included) towards the gym or wellness activity of your choice. This benefit is for employees only.

The following types of gym and wellness programs eligible for reimbursement are:

  • Gym, fitness center/studio, health club, Citi Bike, swim & tennis club memberships and fees
  • Fitness and nutrition counseling
  • Fitness and sports classes/lessons
  • Personal trainer sessions
  • Martial arts instruction
  • Yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes

There are many different types of health and wellness programs available. If you have a question about coverage, please reach out to the Operations Team, and we will discuss whether your particular request falls under the Glitch policy. Workout clothing, sneakers, and personal home gym equipment will not be eligible for reimbursement.

Please submit your gym & wellness expenses each month. Instructions on how to receive reimbursements are under the "expense reimbursement" tab.

Commuter Benefits (New York)

[COVID Update: We are not providing MetroCards while we are not commuting to HQ.]

For employees commuting to HQ, we pay for your commute--tax free. NYC MetroCards are distributed every month. These MetroCards work for 30 days from the first time you swipe them. So if your current card is not yet expired, keep using it until you need to activate the replacement.

If you lose your monthly NYC MetroCard, you can get another one, but you will be charged for it on your next paycheck.

Depending on how you commute, you are eligible for:

  • one monthly Unlimited Ride card,
  • up to two $48.36 Pay-Per-Ride cards, or
  • one $100 TransitChek voucher (used to buy tickets on commuter rail)

You'll probably choose option 1 if you commute to work from the five boroughs via bus and/or subway; option 2 if you walk or ride the subway to work but still need a metrocard for occasional rainy days, or live in NJ off the Path train; or option 3 if you live outside the five boroughs and commute via commuter rail (Metro North or LIRR).

Other Benefits

Our Professional Employer Organization provides additional benefits. These are optional, and Glitch does not pay towards them. You can read more about these from its website.